About Us


Phosphagenics’ business is focused on utilising its unique technology to enhance the delivery of proven pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

Phosphagenics prioritises its development and commercialisation activities, placing emphasis on:

  • Development of products with significant global market size potential.
  • Development of differentiated products with a clear competitive advantage in their market segment.  For example, products that:
    • have superior convenience;  or
    • satisfy unmet market opportunities or needs.
  • Initiatives with multiple applications, such as products with relevance in multiple market segments.
The route to market for Phosphagenics’ products is through partnering at the appropriate stage in a product’s development, so as to maximise return on the Company’s R&D investment.  Phosphagenics will however aim to manufacture and supply the active ingredients to its partners or distributors where commercially feasible.

In order to attract marketing and development partners, Phosphagenics conducts proof of concept studies in the laboratory and in the clinic, to demonstrate the properties and viability of its products.

To maximise long-term shareholder returns, Phosphagenics is progressing towards a self-funding model.  Cash generated from the ‘faster to market’ personal care products will assist in funding pharmaceutical opportunities to a stage where a rewarding partnership/licence agreement can be negotiated.