Drug Delivery

Phosphagenics pharmaceutical research efforts are directed towards enhancing delivery of proven pharmaceuticals utilizing Phosphgenics' TPM® drug delivery technology.

The potential benefits of transdermal drug delivery have been widely reported in scientific literature and include a reduction in dose related side effects, the prevention of first-pass hepatic elimination and gastrointestinal degradation, as well as improved patient compliance. 

TPM® delivery technology is suitable for delivery of both small and large molecules (eg peptides). 

TPM® delivery systems include:

1. Vesicular systems 

2. Micro-emulsions

3. Liquids, oils, gels or creams

4. Patch systems (reservoir and thin film matrix)

The key distinguishing features that contribute to the uniqueness and advantages of both the delivery system, and the benefits they provide with respect to transdermal delivery are summarised below.

Key Features and Benefits of TPM® in transdermal delivery



Can transport both small and large molecules Technology applicable to a wide range of drugs
Tocopheryl Phosphate (TP) is found as an endogenous molecule in humans Natural and Safe
Powerful penetration enhancer that does not disrupt or irritate the dermis Increased patient comfort and compliance, maintains skin integrity
Allows for a sustained release of compounds from just one application Flexible dosage regimens, therapeutic levels maintained for longer
Rapidly penetrates the dermis
(less than 1 hour)
Fast acting
Cost-effective to produce Significant value add opportunity